Aeris Körper

  • Performance Art
  • Contemporary
  • Modern dance
  • Adult Contemporary

Aeris Körper is a professional dance company based in Hamilton. We bring people into their bodies through movement, awareness of sensations and connection to self and others with the aim of fostering resilience, understanding and empathy. This allows us to lean into blocks of self-expression which ultimately leads to self empowerment, community building and social change. 

We do this through creation, presentation, and facilitation of dance that explore concepts that question connections across race, gender, sexuality, age, identity, ability and experience. 

Aeris, the lightness of spirit and energy, combines with Körper, the strength and beauty of body, to allow and encourage us to explore, share, connect, understand and innovate. 

CONNECT: Our uniqueness is welcomed, acknowledged and celebrated.

SHARE: We gather to express and understand one another.

SENSE: We embrace the inherent intelligence of our bodies, minds and experiences.

EXPLORE: Our curiosity guides us as we ask: how can we create unforgettable encounters with dance?

INNOVATE: We notice where we hold back or experience shame and explore those areas so that our curiosity can offer new ways of being and doing.

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